7 Critical Reasons For Web Content Management


What is Content Management (CM) ?

CM is the process of creating, editing, collecting, storing, organising, tracking, accessing and publishing digital content on your Intranet or website.

What is a Content Management System (CMS) ?

A CMS is a system used to manage the content of a Intranet or a Website. Allowing staff to quickly and efficiently manage website content without the need to hire a web programmer or designer.

Includes an application that allows people through out the organisation (who have permission) to easily create, update, remove and edit content.

Examples: Microsoft Content Management Server (for corporate websites)
Macromedia’s Contribute (for small business websites)
Content Management
Reason 1.


Your staff will be empowered to create, publish, and manage their own Web content. This is via easy to use software and they don’t need to understand HTML.

A CMS allows your staff to realise and utilise the full potential of your corporate website.

Content Management
Reason 2.


By empowering your staff with a content management system, you will save money. You won’t need to bother your IT department and will only need to pay your expensive web developer for critical site changes and not simple content amendments.

Corporate IT departments are choking with work over flow because of the constant requests for basic web updates. Empowering every department to be self reliant and to manage their own area of the website is the solution.

IT staff should not be working on low-value tasks such as updating Website content. They should be focussed on Web-based projects that result in cost savings, increased sales, improved customer satisfaction, and competitive advantage.

Content Management
Reason 3.


By empowering your staff to manage your website content, you will get things done fast. You no longer have to wait for your web developer to find time and make the requested changes. Your organisation will be building and evolving your website in record time.

Content Management
Reason 4.


Content management software has been evolving for many years and is now refined and easy to use. You don’t need to be a professional web designer to manage your web content or understand HTML.

Even a non-technical person with basic computer skills can easily learn to manage the web pages for their department. They will be able to handle content issues like developing and formatting a document and publishing it to the web.

Content Management
Reason 5.


When staff no longer need to rely on web developers or the IT department to make web changes and updates for them they feel empowered. They will be more confident and motivated to use and contribute to your Intranet and/or to your Website.

When your staff actively get involved in content management your site will evolve into the powerful communications tool that it was meant to be. For example a neglected Intranet becomes a thriving hub of information. Or your website is finally kept up-to-date and becomes a content rich and valuable resource to your customers.

Content Management
Reason 6.


One of the greatest website challenges for any organisation is keeping content up-to-date and accurate. Because a content management system is designed to allow non-technical people to make website changes, they can take control and ownership of their content.

When your people can easily make changes, they are empowered. With publishing power at their finger tips they can take responsibility for their content area. Managing website content simply becomes part of their daily routine.

Content Management
Reason 7.


Your staff will be able to create a website that is content rich and incredibly valuable to your website visitors, customers, and if you like for your partners and suppliers. The result is a website that is abundant in substance, with more accurate, timely, and easy-to-find content.

TIP: You need to encourage user acceptance of your content management system. Make sure that you provide adequate training and show your staff how this application will streamline their workday, improving their productivity, and making their jobs easier. If they do not embrace and use the system then success and benefits will be limited.

In conclusion: If you have a website, then your organisation needs a content management system. It is a powerful tool that will save you money and time, it will ensure that your web updates are completed efficiently and effectively, and it will maximise the value of your website.

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