Are You Leading Your Website To Victory?


Every website needs a powerful leader to drive its success. A great leader will ensure that a return on investment is achieved for their business. They will inspire and motivate their team to create an outstanding website. They will make sure that their website is a profit earning machine that their clients absolutely love.

One senior person in your organization must be empowered to lead your website charge. They should have the final say and responsibility for your website strategy. Their passion and leadership will be essential to your web success. This is an important responsibility, so the right person should be chosen for their capabilities and suitability.

An organization will need to decide where in the organisational structure the responsibility for the website will lie. It might be directly under the CEO, or it might be under the Sales or Marketing manager. In a smaller organization it might be the responsibility of the Business Owner or General Manager.

Your website leader is where your online success buck stops. They are responsible. They develop the vision and do the planning for your future. They ensure that the plan is implemented and that your sites objectives are being achieved. This includes managing the design team, ensuring that the sites personality and professionalism is maintained. Ensuring that every feature works and content is up to date, making sure that your visitors and clients are totally satisfied with their web experience. Also they need to manage the input from all of the stake holders.

So it is obvious that your website leader must have leader-ship qualities. They must have the skills to market your website. They must have the vision for your site firmly in their heart, and then be able to bring all of the relevant factors together successfully. They must carry the responsibility for your website with enthusiasm and determination. Your website leader is the driving force for your success.

A leader must build and maintain a cohesive partnership between all those involved in your website. Staff members are more co-operative and will invest their energy to support a Web Leader that they like, respect and believe in. So ethics and sound judgment are very important. This also includes relationships that involved the outsourced tasks. For example a motivated web designer will perform better and do the little extras that always seem to pop up mid way through the design process.

All managers in your organization will contribute to your website in one way or another. So if they are not already Internet savvy, then time and effort should be invested to bring each of the individual managers up to speed. You don’t need to be a computer wiz, it just takes a commitment to spend time online. The best way to learn about the web is to go online, surf around, buy a few items of interest and do a couple of short website marketing courses. The web Lifestyle is contagious and easy to pick up and enjoy. Once all of your staff have been exposed to the Internet, and your mangers understand key website marketing principals, they will be in a better position to contribute to your website strategy.

The Marriott Hotel took an extreme step to get all of its top executives up to speed with the web. They set each of them up at home with an Internet connection, and encouraged them to use it. Then they put them through some short courses on website marketing. Each of the managers was able to learn a lot, and see the full potential of the Internet opportunity. The Marriott’s management tea m are now able to contribute educated ideas to their organizations website. Currently the Marriott is the world wide leader on the web in its industry. By continuously pushing the envelope, they provide excellent services and information to their clients. In turn, their successful website draws more and more clients to their Hotels.

Your website Leader is in charge, but this does not mean that they are the only person on your team driving your sites success. They have the ultimate responsibility for your site, but they may or may not provide the content or manage every aspect of your site. Although in a smaller business this is usually the case. There could be a project team working on the sites strategy, or there may be several people that are responsible for providing content for specific areas of your site. However your website is structured, it will be up to your leader to define the roles that team members play through out your organization. They will also need to ensure that everyone meets their responsibilities and the site is effective and profitable.

So choose your website leader carefully. Give them the skills and authority to drive your online success. It’s a competitive world out there, and you need someone who is committed to leading the charge and winning.

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