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The Latest trend In Website Marketing

The latest, greatest Internet craze is Blogging. It’s taken off like wild fire. You can start a Blog for free and have it up and running in 15 minutes. That’s right, absolutely no charge. Your Blog can help you communicate and interact with your customers, drive more traffic to your website and sell more of your products and services…

So what is a Blog?

Blog is short for web log. It’s a series of web pages where you can reach out to others by publishing your thoughts, views, reviews, opinions, observations, trends, latest news, photos, and interests in an easy and compelling way.

Blogger’s (someone who keeps a Blog) usually have a main topic area with short posts (entries) that are listed in chronological order, with the newest posts on top. There is an Achieve area for older entries and also a way for Blog readers to leave their comments.

Blog topics range from the personal to political to commercial. As a business adviser I’m interested in the latter. Although most Blogs are not commercial. They are simply for fun or a personal online journal. These non-commercial Blogs are intended for general public consumption. But why not use this awesome technology to serve your customers and profit margins?

Easy To Update Using The free Software

A Blog provider will provide web-based software through your Internet browser, so that you can update and maintain your Blog at any time. It requires little or no technical background. This makes publishing on the Internet as simple as writing an article, giving it a title, and organizing it under (one or more) categories. When ever you make a change on your Blog it is instantly published to your web space.

You can customize your space and make it reflect your unique personality in a number of ways. Using a choice of templates, you can change the design, colours, and change the layout of your content. You also have complete control over who can view your space. You can set permissions to allow anyone on the Internet, or only people you choose to view it.

Fully Interactive With Comments

To make your web space interactive you can provide links to move around within your Blog, or to outside web pages. Also your visitors can leave comments on your Blog, which is great technology. You or others can then respond, so it’s designed to allow maximum interactivity.

If you’re not happy with comments that people have made on your Blog, you can delete them. Or you can have all comments Emailed to you for scrutiny before you allow them to be posted to your Blog.

Serve Your Existing Clients and Attract New Business

In this article where not talking about Blogging for non commercial purposes. So the key to success with all website marketing is that you provide content that is interesting, exciting and valuable. As long as the benefits (great content) that you offer is high, your promotional offers will be acceptable.

Through great content you can attract and serve your target audience. Once you are attracting users you utilise the opportunity to sell to them. You can refer your Blog visitors to your main business website, you can offer them products and services, you can sell advertising on your Blog, you can use it to build your Email subscriber list.

Search Engines Love Blogs

Search engines love Blogs. Often when you do a search you will find Blogs ranked very highly on the first page. This obviously provides you with the potential to be introduced to your target audience. So make sure that your keywords are in the title of every post that you make on your Blog.


Your Blog can help your main website achieve a higher ranking. Make sure that you include links from your Blog to your website. The search engines will follow your Blog links. The more links out there on the web that are pointing to your site, the more popular the search engines consider your website to be. The search engines calculate that the more popular your website is the better that it must be. The better they think your site is the higher they will rank your site.

How Do I Get Started Publishing On The Web

Blogs are the quickest, simplest and cheapest way for anyone to start publishing web pages on the Internet.

They have hundreds of template designs, so with in 15 to 30 minutes you can be up and running with an excellent looking and functional Blog. Mine is called

Update Your Blog Regularly

The nature of a Blog is that it is meant to be a series of short posts. So you need to commit to update your Blog regularly or people will not come back. Without updated content, there is little reason to re-visit a website.

Provide an Automatic Feed Directly to Your Users Computers

There is software called a News Reader or an Aggregator. This software will monitor websites of your choice, and alert you when they have added new content. This saves you having to check your favourite websites all the time hoping they have added some interesting new content. The technology used to provide content directly to the user is either RSS, XML or Atom. It works like a customisable newspaper. It only provides you with new content from the sites that you are interested in.

You can encourage your Blog users to subscribe to your Blog by adding your link to their News Reader. This way every time you add a new post (content) to your Blog it will automatically be displayed on their computer. This is an excellent way to communicate with your target audience. It is far more efficient than Email because your not trying to compete with the stringent spam filters.

Get Your free Blog NOW… which is owned by Google which is owned by Microsoft

Take Action And Start Blogging

It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s free. If a Blog can help you communicate and interact with your customers, drive more traffic to your website, and sell more of your products and services… Then go for it. Start Blogging today.

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